Welcome! Also in Dutch / Ook in het Nederlands

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  This website is in English, but I speak Dutch as well * Ik spreek ook Nederlands en doe tarot readings, coaching, geef yogalessen en healings ook in het Nederlands. Mail me alsjeblieft als je vragen hebt! Lieve groetjes, Charissa xxx I am here to support you in this time of awakening. The awakening to the truth of who we really are. The power we hold inside of us that most have forgotten. I share and express my truth, as I feel it at this moment, by blogging, readings, healings, yoga, art and coaching. My purpose and strength is empowering others through compassion and truth. You can find more information on how I can support you above in the navigation. [...]

Cheers to you Dad!

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Dear Dad, The last times I wrote about you I needed more words. Now I can be brief. On your birthday today I want to tell you I love you. As Love is all that remains. Your daughter, Charissa xxx http://www.joyincreation.com/2016/06/09/home-at-last/ http://www.joyincreation.com/2015/06/21/dear-dad-2/   http://www.joyincreation.com/2016/06/09/joy-sadness/ http://www.joyincreation.com/2016/06/19/fathers-day-let-him-be/

Spring Equinox tarot guidance

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Hello you! I hope you had a wonderful weekend so far! Tomorrow is the Spring Equinox!!! Can you feel it?!! Today I did our weekly reading and posted it in this video. Apologies for the poor quality and you having to look up my nose haha! I will try and get more lighting next time and put the camera lower. I am learning...and loving it! The link to the online class I mention in the  video is: http://classes.kialagivehand.com/p/pullpenpaint Would you like an elaborate personal reading from me, please contact me, I would love to be of support. This week's question: How can we best use the Equinox energy this week? The answer: We create our own magic. We are [...]

Powerful Spring Equinox – mind your energy

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Yay the Spring Equinox is almost here! Monday March 20th starts the astrological new year and the start of a new season. As you may know I try and follow the rhythm of nature. The ebb and flow of life. Equinoxes and solstices are a beautiful reminder to remember our intentions, to stop and be mindful of where we are in life and what we are creating. The energies are already coming in strong now and will be greatly expanded over the coming days. The Equinox is a Cosmic Solar Gateway that gives us an opportunity to become more balanced and to consciously choose for new beginnings. It is about rebirthing and resurrection. Declutter and clean The Equinoxes [...]

This week’s Oracle guidance

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Hello you! I hope you had a wonderful weekend! I sure did, but it sure did fly by! Today I visited the Lotusbeurs - an annual body, mind and soul expo. This year's theme was Love. So very suiting today's Virgo Full Moon! I had a lovely day, met many beautiful people and am filled with inspiration and insights.   On Friday I went to The Hague. With friends I visited the Audrey Hepburn and Givenchy exhibition (To Audrey with Love) at Gemeentemuseum. I am a big fan of Audrey so I was thrilled! After the exhibition we wandered the small streets of the city and had a lovely Thai dinner. And I want to share this with [...]

Full Moon in Virgo – Are you taking care of yourself?

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Tomorrow, March 12th, a Full Moon graces us in Virgo. Virgo energy is quiet, humble, enjoys to be of service without drawing much attention. Virgo seeks perfection and is willing to do the work, step by step until something big is achieved. So now is the perfect time to work on those big dreams and put in the time and effort to get there. Distractions This Full Moon is a time to look clearly at where you are spending your time and if you are spending it on the right endeavors to get where you want. Or is too much time seeping away in distractions? And what are you working on behind the scenes that is helping you [...]

The rise of the Goddess

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Happy Women's Day! I am not a big fan of special days for labels. To celebrate our pigeon holes. Animal's Day, Father's Day, Mother's Day, Father-in-Law Day (really it exists), Tiger Day, Plush Animals Lover Day, etc. They are just labels and it doesn't celebrate our essence. And isn't every day of the week to be celebrated and "our" day? So when I read about today being Women's Day I cringed a bit. Part of me rejoices when I see a celebration of the feminine as I am all for empowerment. But I believe in the empowerment of love, that which is inside us all. Rejoice I am all for celebrating the feminine within all of us. You [...]

Leap & Live your Truth – Our weekly Tarot guidance

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Hello you, It is time for our weekly tarot reading. Today I asked our higher selves to show us how we can best show up as love this week. To give us guidance on the energies of this week and how to move with the flow so we can move forward with ease and grace. What should we pay extra attention to? The first card shows us where we have come from recently and the card is Ace of Coins - reversed. We have had too much focus on material pleasure, the accumulation of wealth and having money for the sake of having money, a hoarding energy of lack, wealth leading to unhappiness and unfulfillment. This energy lead to [...]

The Mirrors of March

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Big changes are happening right now and the energy is buzzing. It may feel a little more gentle than the Eclipse energy of February, but there definitely is a buzz. A strong, creative - get your butt in to gear - buzz. Can you feel it? Inspiration and restlessness I am just flooded with inspiration and ideas. For a long time I have felt like hibernating, like I was on the sidelines. I have been preparing, studying, thinking about creative projects, but I haven’t really put much into action or true creation. I just felt like being still and well wait. The energy felt stagnant and slow like molasses. The outside world was going crazy and I just [...]

Pure Mourning

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Dear you, Yesterday in the dentist office, my eyes fell on this Dutch quote: "Rouw is de prijs die we betalen voor het vermogen lief te hebben". it means " Mourning is the price we pay for our ability to love". Today, March 2nd, is my Mom's birthday, she would have turned 65 years of age. I can hardly believe it's been over a year since she went to another dimension. Sometimes it feels ages away and sometimes I still have the impulse to call her. It still startles me and makes my heart skip a beat. Sometimes the sharp pains are suddenly there again, the intense missing and some days I just remember the love and laugh [...]

Weekly tarot guidance

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Hello you! I hope you are having a great weekend! When I was away in Mexico and Guatemala I missed doing our weekly readings and connecting with you. Today is a New Moon (please see my former post for more information) and today I asked the card to guide us how to make the most of the energies so we can have fruitful new beginnings. The answer is: Ten of Wands - reversed This is the perfect answer for this question, very clear! This card shows that this is a superb time to work towards your dreams and aspirations. It is time to remove the limitations and pressures that have been present in your life. Release and purge those [...]