Welcome! Also in Dutch / Ook in het Nederlands

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  I am here to support you in this time of awakening to the truth of us. I share my truth, as I feel it at this moment, by blogging, readings, healings and coaching. You can find more information on these service right above here in the navigation. The blogpost you can find below here and under the tab "My Blog". Thank you for sharing this space with me and let's stick together and free ourselves and the planet. In Service, for Love, Light & Liberation, Charissa xxx This website is in English, but I speak Dutch as well * Ik spreek ook Nederlands en doe lezingen, readings, coaching en healings ook in het Nederlands. Mail me alsjeblieft als je vragen [...]

Wrap it up

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Woohoo! We are in the last month of the year! After a year of intense changes this month brings in a time of rest so we can receive new perspectives and find new inspiration for our life path. A reminder to rewind and reflect. A month of nurture and self-care and of listing to your higher self and choosing where you want to be and move towards to. Joyful resonance I just had a coaching call and I received some beautiful reminders and confirmations that now is the time to let go and hear the calling of the heart and to honor this. And that it is time to choose and not get distracted by the next shiny [...]

Oracle Love

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Oh I so love oracle and tarot cards!! They are such a fabulous tool to tap into intuition. I am a visual person and the cards help me bypass the brain and directly tap into my into, into the wisdom of our higher self. This weekend I am taking time to get clear before the New Moon on Tuesday. Year ahead reading Doing Oracle and Tarot Readings give me so much joy! At the moment I am doing the year readings for 2017 Please check out more information on this opportunity here http://www.joyincreation.com/2016/11/18/what-can-you-create-in-2017-special-new-years-reading/ And this also makes a personal and original gift! I will do a year reading for us all in December and post it on the website. I [...]

An Attitude of Gratitude

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First of all, before I start writing this post, I want to reach out and send you gratitude. Thank you for being you and for helping make this world a more beautiful place. To express my gratitude, my gift to you this Thanksgiving is an 11 USD/euro discount on all healings and readings ordered this week (expires Sunday 27 November midnigth GMT+1). And now a blogpost about gratitude, the benefits and how to cultivate this practice. I hope to inspire you to give this a try or that this is a good reminder to show thanks. Please share your experiences and tips & tricks. Love to hear from you! In the past ten years we have seen an [...]

The winds of change

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Woohoo the wind is blowing fiercely outside my window, leaves are hitting the glass and it perfectly illustrates the feeling in the air. There is a tangible sense of unrest and rebellion in the air. But also the fresh air of awakening and the movement towards true change! Stay calm and be peace Yesterday I attended a 13 hour talk by David Icke, World Wide Wake Up Tour in Amsterdam. In the first hours he told the story of our past and present and then later in the day moved toward the gloomy scenario where we are swiftly headed if we don't take action (all humans replaced by AI). And so many of us look for that positive change, savior [...]

The gift of giving – gift vouchers available

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Gift Vouchers available Are you looking for a unique present for a loved one? Bless them with the gift of clarity, empowerment and joy. A voucher for a reading, healing or art work is a great gift idea! I can make the vouchers out to the amount you wish. The vouchers can be spend on a healing, reading or on a work of art from my Etsy store. These are not valid for coaching.  I can send you an e-voucher or a printed voucher, which you prefer. Please contact me to order or if you have any questions on Charissa@Joyincreation.com much love, Charissa xxx

What can you create in 2017? – Special New Year’s Reading

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As this year is drawing to a close, we start to wonder what we can create in 2017 and what challenges we may encounter. It is so good to have a heads up. I love these cards and the information and empowerment they provide! A year reading is a great tool to help you navigate the new year and start with new insights and clarity. For the year reading I provide you with information for each month and the best right actions for you to take. It is up to you how you apply this information. I also read the overall energy of the year and ideas how to best work with these energies throughout the year. This elaborate [...]

Super Full Moon Support

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I hope you are well and have recovered from the first shock of the elections. This is the time for truth and openness. This election has shown to those that couldn’t see before how much work there is to do, how much fear and frustration there is. Many bubbles have been popped and it hurts to see the truth. But it is needed, just as much as you are needed to heal this. We need to begin with ourselves. The greater your surprise was, the more work you need to do. Deeper understanding If you are upset about the direction of society, focus more on being a decent and loving human being. See if you can understand the [...]

Do not feed the fear

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I am not making myself very popular with some readers, friends, family and colleagues for not having a total freak out about the US elections and Trump becoming president. I have zero emotional reaction to it, because it is so easy to see through all the lies. In the past months there has been so much struggle, so much division. This election wasn't for the people. It was an ego battle and a distraction. This was set up to spread a division and to feed the fear. Also I don't want to feed the Matrix emotional loosh. I also believe magic can come from chaos and that something beautiful is blossoming inside. It's not like all has been [...]

Special Discount: Using the Portal Opening 11-11 for Accelerated Awakening

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Release, break free and balance - Friday is 11 - 11 - 2016 (and 1+1 + 2+0+1+6 also equals 11 - this is extra potent) 11:11 is a gateway into your highest potential. One is a singularity within 'all that is'. This doorway offers an opportunity to surpass any limitations you have unknowingly set for yourself. This the gateway where you can much more easily connect, identify and empower your Soul Purpose, dream your biggest dreams, and create from the Sacred Heart. In order to support you and use the powerful energy, I am giving a 11 euro or USD discount on all healings and readings ordered before Friday. I only have limited spots available for Friday so [...]

Elections & Tarot Guidance

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As the U.S.A. elects a new president on November 8th, the world watches with concern and mockery. Clearly this week will be one of the most significant in our recent history as this does not just affect the United States. Whoever wins the election, we are in the beginning of a new civilization. This election will shape the years to come and will be formed by how we individually and collectively choose to be. We need to decide what we wish to experience as we move ahead. Sovereign beings These elections have speed up the change on the world stage, as it has exposed so much corruption and destructive intent. The dark cabal's control systems are being revealed. [...]